Antibody Protein

Based on Molecular Modeling Data

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Engineering: Razor Cartridge Cut-away

3D CAD Model

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Intersection Traffic

Motorcyclist in Real-time 3D Simulation

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Juror-focussed Analogy

Inventorship Dispute Resulting From Failed Acquisition

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Tailored To Our Clients' NeedsKEY INFO

We make you look good – we design visuals that help ensure judges and juries understand your arguments.

We handle all aspects of visual support and trial technology for complex patent litigation in federal court, the ITC, and arbitration forums.

We produce whatever still images, animations, models, or poster boards you need and present them for maximum impact.

We understand what we teach. We eliminate needless expense and invest in first-rate people and tools.

Remember in school how easy it was to tell when a substitute teacher didn’t know the material? The lesson suffered. That’s why we carefully select engineers and Ph.D. scientists who understand the art and how to communicate it visually. The result is that our visuals are easy for audiences to grasp and remember.

And forget about being nickel and dimed. We keep our overhead low and our standards high so your IP litigation dollar goes farther. Referrals and repeat business allow us to forego sales and advertising and concentrate on what we do best.

Our team can quickly and efficiently convert any device, molecule or drawing into an accurate CAD model. We also have state-of-the art translation tools that permit us to leverage existing in-house and discovery-produced CAD files in a wide variety of formats. We can then turn CAD models into instructive, cost-effective 3D images and animations that help you drive home your arguments.


  • We concentrate on visual support and trial technology for IP litigation
  • We place you in direct contact with principals
  • We are results-driven, not image-driven
  • We value cost-effectiveness and scalability over number of employees
  • We leverage our low overhead to hire the very best talent available
  • We offer competitive rates and a no-nonsense billing structure

You are in good companyFEEDBACK

Our clientsInclude

Quinn Emanuel
Greenberg Traurig
Lasker Foundation
Nixon Peabody
Kirkland & Ellis
McDermott Will & Emory

We Understand What We TeachMeet our team



  • B.S. in life sciences, MIT; Ph.D. in biochemistry, UC San Francisco
  • Specializing in molecular biology, cell biology, and genetics
  • 17 yrs of experience producing educational media for college-level science textbooks and intellectual property disputes
  • Designed hundreds of animations and illustrations depicting concepts in molecular cell biology, genetics, and biotechnology

Tanya Awabdy, Ph.D.
Visual Communicator



  • B.Sc. honors electrical engineering, University of Waterloo
  • 25 yrs of industry experience in software/hardware design, telecom, semiconductors, health informatics and medical device technology
  • Visual human interface development and graphic design -- including the development of videos, animations and tutorials that explain science and technology to lay audiences

Mark O'Leavey, P.Eng.
Visual Communicator



  • Ph.D. biology, Harvard; Research & Teaching Faculty, Oregon Graduate Institute; Research Faculty, OHSU
  • 30+ yrs research experience -- cell & molecular biology, molecular genetics, biochemistry
  • 12 yrs biotechnology consultant – patent issues, molecular technology, biomedical devices, science advisory
  • 20+ yrs science education (molecular biology, molecular genetics, biomedicine)

David Pribnow, Ph.D.
Visual Communicator
Expert Witness

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